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The Lamborghini Islero Information Exchange is designed for those who own or are interested in the Lamborghini Islero, the bodies of which were constructed by Marazzi during the years 1968-1969. In all, 225 cars were constructed in two series. Many are known to still exist and some are regularly driven. Always a controversial design, these cars were both an evolution of the original Lamborghini GT concept and also a contrast to the company’s more flamboyant models. They were built as comfortable GTs with a front engine V-12, and used the frame and independent rear suspension from their predecessors, the 350/400GTs.  This suspension was notable in that it predated many of their rivals such as road cars from Ferrari.

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I owe many thanks to Marcel Wallenberg and Kevin Crauwels for their ongoing sharing of information and pictures.  Also thanks go to Jim Kaminski, Paul Clemence, and many others who have helped with Islero History.

Lamborghini Islero information may be discussed by contacting me, Louis A. Herrin, DVM. As historian for this project, I welcome any interesting material such as vehicle history, location and condition of cars, whether your car has wire wheels, air conditioning, sun roof, modifications, etc. In return, I may be able to answer some historical questions about your individual car, or possibly help with other information about the Islero. I am a retired veterinarian and this Islero project is a long term hobby. I have met many interesting people and hope to continue collecting useful information and making it accessible to those interested.


For detailed information about, and pictures of, each Islero, please visit Marcel Wallenberg’s excellent Lamborghini Islero Registry.

Lou Herrin       September 22, 2018


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