Prototipo | Volume 1

01 Oct

Lamborghini 3929 cc V-12 engine restored by Carl Webb for Islero #6267.

Fall/Winter 1996-97

Welcome to the first edition dedicated to the Islero owner and/or enthusiast. This page is maintained and updated by Louis Herrin, who may be reached at the following e-mail address:

This site is for those who own or are interested in the Lamborghini Islero, the bodies of which were constructed by Marazzi during the years 1968-1969. In all, 225 cars were constructed in two series. Many are known to still exist and a few are regularly driven. Always a controversial design, these cars were both an evolution of the original Lamborghini GT concept and also a contrast to the company’s more flamboyant models.

Islero information may be discussed by sending e-mail to me at the above address. As historian for this project, I welcome any interesting material such as vehicle history, location and condition of cars, whether your car has wire wheels, air conditioning, sun roof, modifications, etc. In return, I may be able to answer some historical questions about your individual car, or possibly help with other information about the Islero. I am not in the car business in any financial way. I am a veterinarian (now retired) by profession and this Islero project is a long term hobby. I have met many interesting people and hope to continue collecting useful information and making it accessible to those interested.

Fact for Fall/96 – The English aviator who fired the torpedoes that sank the Bismarck and was knighted for his efforts, was an original owner of an Islero-S and drove the car regularly for 25 years until his death last year.

Volume 1 – Gallery for Fall 1996

Lamborghini Islero #6096

Above is Islero #6096. It belongs to Lou Herrin, your faithful historian. It is in good running condition and is used for open road trips during good weather. It has the original air conditioning and tan pigskin style leather interior. No major problems have been encountered other than repair of normal wear and tear. Sold initially by Autoelite of Milano, #6096 has had several North American owners and I have enjoyed ownership for the past 8 years.

Lamborghini Islero #6210

This car (above) was purchased in Italy by the previous owner and taken to the Lamborghini factory for a mechanical rebuild in their restoration/service department. It now lives with its third owner, in the southern United States.

Lamborghini Islero #6435

An Islero S (above), #6435 was the pride and joy of WWII British fighter pilot, Sir Wm. Garthwaite. He purchased the car new and was the owner until his death in 1995. He drove it regularly and returned it to the factory for its regular service and repair on an annual basis. This Islero was originally white with a black interior. It is one of the few built with right hand drive. Sir Wm. and #6435 are well known by the factory old timers and test drivers.

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