The Odd and Interesting Story of #6677, The Last Islero Made

09 Feb

At the end of 1969, Marazzi, the coachbuilder, had completed their 225 bodies for the Lamborghini Islero, as contracted.  125 had been delivered in 1968, and 100 “S” models in 1969.  They had been designed by Federico Formenti, the visionary designer of Carrozzeria Touring, along with ideas from Ferruccio Lamborghini, himself.  Touring had built the bodies for the early 350/400GT Lamborghinis, but closed their doors in 1967, and their employees had gravitated to other body makers.  Marazzi, a time honored body maker, who had also created the bodies for the Alfa Romeo Stradale, had absorbed some of the craftsmen from Touring, including their designer. Meanwhile, at the Lamborghini factory, all of the Islero bodies had become complete cars and had been consigned by February 6, 1970.

Enter one Dries van der Lof, the late Dutch racing driver/car collector, after the production run was completed.  He was taken by the appearance and appeal of the Islero and persuaded the factory to build for him an example of this car.  Automobili Lamborghini obliged, and delivered an Islero “S” to him in 1970. It was the last Islero made, body number 6677 and engine number 3018.  Italian car historian and photographer, Marcel de Lange, reported that Mr. van der Lof had collected the Islero at the factory and registered it in December 1970.  After his death, his two sons had kept the car in great secrecy.

All photo credits to the owner, Evert den Outer

Unknown, as all the body numbers were accounted for, number 6677 began to be reported and identified in the early 2000’s.  Historians could not believe there was another Islero, but it was seen, and the serial number reported from the build plate, by many reputable observers, including Marcel de Lange, Marcel Wallenburg, Han Pomp, and Wil van Lierop.

The new owner, Evert den Outer, of The Netherlands, has had #6677 restored and renewed.  He enjoys using his interesting and historic Lamborghini.  In July 2010, he brought it to the European Islero Meet at the Chateau St. Gerlach, Valkenburg, The Netherlands, where #6677 won first place for the concours section of the event.  It is truly beautiful in silver with a black interior, and appears to be in just the same condition as when it left the factory.

Still, how is it that there could be a 226th Islero when all of the bodies had been used in the regular production?  The answer may be in the Marazzi body number which is recorded on a metal tag on the firewall.  The number on #6677’s firewall indicates that it started out as the body intended for Islero #6504. The body had been retained at the factory, unused, (or had been used and returned to the factory) so that it was available.  Therefore, Lamborghini was able to fulfill Dries van der Lof’s request.  The body was combined with the engine #3018, completed as a new car, and assigned a new serial number, #6677, the last Islero to leave the factory for their very special client.

This is quite a tale, and certainly #6677 is one of the most desirable Isleros due to its concours condition and fascinating history.

Evert's friend, Cor Hofs, Valentino Balboni, and #6677 at the factory.

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  1. Marc Hesselink

    April 21, 2015 at 9:39 pm

    According to the Dutch vehicle license records the car was first delivered to a customer on June, 30 1969 and first registered in the Netherlands on March, 12 1971