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Islero Parts Resources | Volume 4

05 Apr

Lamborghini Islero #6069

Spring 1999

This beautiful and well maintained early first series Islero is in “perfect driving condition,” according to the owner, who enjoys using it regularly along the Adriatic coast of Italy. What a great setting for a classic V-12. This Islero was completed 05/21/1968 and was the 22nd Islero built. Probably over half of the 225 Isleros made will make it into the 3rd Millennium.

Thank you for your interest in our Lamborghini Islero Website. This site is maintained for the interest of owners and enthusiasts, so any input or suggestions you have are very welcome. You can always reach me by e-mail on the contact page.

In this issue, please consider my idea for sharing sources of obsolete parts and/or resources for their repair.

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Notes and News | Volume 3

28 Oct
Lamborghini Islero #6198

Fall 1998

Thanks to all of you for your interest in the previous issues of this web page. Many of you have responded with information and several Isleros that were not known to still exist have been found. A few cars changed owners and many are being restored at this time.

I still continue to collect information and history on the Islero production and ownership, as I’ve been doing for the past 10 years. I’m glad to help any owners with historical information on their cars, as this type of information can only help with one’s appreciation and driving pleasure.

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Prototipo | Volume 1

01 Oct

Lamborghini 3929 cc V-12 engine restored by Carl Webb for Islero #6267.

Fall/Winter 1996-97

Welcome to the first edition dedicated to the Islero owner and/or enthusiast. This page is maintained and updated by Louis Herrin, who may be reached at the following e-mail address:

This site is for those who own or are interested in the Lamborghini Islero, the bodies of which were constructed by Marazzi during the years 1968-1969. In all, 225 cars were constructed in two series. Many are known to still exist and a few are regularly driven. Always a controversial design, these cars were both an evolution of the original Lamborghini GT concept and also a contrast to the company’s more flamboyant models.

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