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Physics 10 Lab 1. To become acquainted with metric measurements the use of common lab apparatus and the basic parts of the lab write-up.

Beginning Of The Year Measurement Lab This Is A Basic Lab To Be Completed In The Beginning Of The School Year After Reviewi Lab Safety Rules Science Store Lab

1 Introduction Figure 1.

Introduction to measurement lab. 3- Adjust the voltage knob at 65 V. Power it on and identify the settings knobs and display values. Set and Measure using DMM.

The purpose of this lab exercise is to introduce and give practice with the measurement equipment we will be using this semester. Set up 3 graduated cylinders on each lab counter two groups will share each set for part A with colored water in each as shown. This lab you will need to use a multimeter andor LoggerPro on your computer.

Introduction to 2D and 3D Radiation Pattern MeasurementsAbout the coursewareThe ME1310 serves as a ready-t. This lab concentrates on setting up two circuits- one with a resistor and one with a light bulb. Introduction to Measurement in the Physics Laboratory A probabilistic approach Andy Buffler and Saalih Allie Department of Physics University of Cape Town South Africa Fred Lubben and Bob Campbell Science Education Group Department of Educational Studies University of York UK.

Lab 1 Page 1 Lab 1. The downstream bore of the orifice is chamfered at 40 to provide an effective orifice plate thickness of 035mm. The goal of measurement is to get reliable data with which to answer research questions and assess theories of change.

Introduction to Measurement Mass Length and Volume Introduction Much of what we know about the physical world has been obtained from measurements made in the laboratory. Testing the prediction of a hypothesis. Physics 40 with Lynda Wiliams SRJC Classical Physics with Calculus.

2- Make sure that the current knob is little bit above the minimum value. Occasionally we include temperature electrical charge or light intensity. Introduction to Electrical Measurements NAME.

Your lab instructor will remind you of several simple measures to protect the equipment. The appreciation of what constitutes safe. Now set the output to 15V 50V and 100V and measure each with the DMM using cables.

Fall 2020 Remote lecture. There are three parts to any measurement. Skill is required to design experiments so that careful measurements can be made.

Determine the accuracy and precision of a measurement. Introduction-to-measurement-lab-answer-key introduction to measurement lab answer key pivot interactives introduction to measurement answers introduction to measurement lab chemistry answers flinn chemtopic labs introduction to measurement answers introduction matter and measurement answers introduction to measurement post lab answers introduction to measurement pre lab. View lab 1docx from EE 221 at The City College of New York CUNY.

Using a meter stick measure the length and the width of the lab table and. INFORMATION Experimental observations often include measurements of mass length volume temperature and time. The orifice flow meter consists of a 20mm bore tube with an orifice of 12mm.

Lab Table If the dimensions of the object being measured are much larger than the precision of the measuring instrument 100 times or more the instrument is considered very adequate for the measurement and will give fairly precise results. 10 mL graduated cylinder. Numerical Value Unit of Measurement that Denotes Scale Estimated Uncertainty The numerical value of a laboratory measurement should always be recorded with the proper.

At the end of this experiment you should have gained considerable facility in using these very useful instruments. To become familiar with basic lab safety principles. This is an introductory video of Lab 1 of ME1310.

Typically we measure simple quantities of only three types. In a lab notebook not loose-leaf record your measurements and answer all the questions posed in the lab handout labeled as Q. Manometer tappings are positioned 20mm before the orifice and 10mm after the orifice plate.

Introduction to Measurement Instructor. Introduction to Electronics Measurement Equipment. Introduction to Measurement Units and Measurement One of the most important steps in applying the scientific method is experiment.

The chemistry lab is not a safe environment. By the end of this lab you should be familiar with t he. 1- Turn on the DC Power supply.

In this lab we will learn about resistance and voltage which. Inaccurate measurement can lead to unreliable data from which it is difficult to draw valid conclusions. Chu Measurement is the foundation of gathering data in science.

INTRODUCTION TO THE CHEMICAL LABORATORY PURPOSE. EE22100-1HJ31356 EELab1 Experiment1 Introduction to Measurement Equipment Instructor Prof. Power Supply and make sure it is plugged in.

Measuring with Analog or Digital – Digital scales make rounding easythey do it for you. In order to perform successful experiments it is vitally important to understand the basics of measurement. 4- Measure the voltage value using the digital multimeter and write down the measured value.

Mass length and time.

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